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Your personal Crypto intern, but better! M6 Labs is a community of researchers telling the story of crypto through the lens of degens.

Things change quickly in Crypto, don’t get left behind. Our newsletters filter out the noise of the industry and explain the significance of developing narratives:

  • Daily Bullets: Daily in-depth news coverage on everything crypto. Includes: news, data, research, NFTs, Crypto Twitterverse, and fundraises  

  • Weekly Alpha Leak: ​​ Weekly overview and analysis of all the pertinent information, themes, trends, and narratives to keep up to date with everything Crypto

  • M6 Labs Research: The best research from all corners of the Crypto space. Brilliant minds coming together to further our understanding of our little developing sector

The crypto space is a wild and fast-paced, evolving landscape - it literally never sleeps! However, one filled with recurring themes, trends, and narratives. It’s a full-time job keeping up with everything, which can be overwhelming. That’s why our Substack is the best resource for both the Crypto-native and the Crypto-curious. 

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Highlighting the story of Crypto - as it's told over time. The board, the players, and the game itself. Follow along as we catalog and organize the chaos.



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Momentum 6

Research | Venture | Marketing | Incubation || M6 is a value-add-focused VC architecting the future of Crypto & Web 3

Kadeem Clarke

Builder and investor obsessed with Crypto & Web 3. Passionate about research, venture capital, DeFi, gaming, metaverse, and NFTs. Currently, Head of Labs at Momentum 6, writing Crypto articles and leading the fund research team.